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Does Corona work in 3ds Max trial?

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Captain Obvious:
Hey everyone,

I wanted to give Corona a go, but I don't currently use Max. So I installed the 30 day trial of Max 2013 and installed it according to the instructions. But, no Corona! Does it work at all in the trial version and there's something wrong with my Max install, or is that a limitation?


Ludvik Koutny:
Trial version of 3ds Max is no different to full one...  you probably made some mistake during installation. Be sure to check installation instructions ;)

if there were no error messages during startup and corona is not showing in available renderers, that probably means that you copied the Corona.??? and coronaUtils.??? wrong (not into the plugins folder)

Captain Obvious:
Actually, I get a few errors. I attached two screenshots. But this happened even before installing Corona. I just downloaded and installed the 3ds Max trial version, so I'm kind of stumped.

those are not corona-related, but there is definitely something wrong with your installation


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