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VFB autosave feature


I tested the autosave feature today and there are several things that would be necessary to make it really useful:
1) choice of image format (at least 16 or 32 bit float for exr)
2) autosaves are saved without infobar, there is no info about passes or rendertime, so it should be saved if it's activated in the options.
3) It would be great to be able to use the same variables as in the render stamp, e.g. "C:/coronaRenderings/myScene_v01_%t_%p_.exr"

edit: btw, I'm not sure but "on render end" saving doesn't seem to work...
4) both features should have a checkbox to disable them

another edit: now it works... may be some random thing

ok, put it on mantis so I wont forget about it


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