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Unofficial FaceBook Group for Portuguese language


Hello there !

       I am a Corona Evangelist. As Ondra helped me a lot with this tool, the minimum payback i could do is to do the word-of-mouth and spread the Corona Religion to the world (my world, friends, co-workers, etc...)

      I just created a Unofficial Facebook Group for "Portuguese speakers". So, i would like to invite everyone who want to discuss about corona and share your evolution, complains and works using this tool to visit this link ->

       The main language is Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil, etc). For english, people should use the official Corona facebook Page here ->

        I was thinking... Why not to create a Vimeo Channel for Corona animations ?

   Since yesterday, almost 60 Brazillian friends joined to the CoronaBR facebook group. :) Nice to see people having a great interest on testing it. ThereĀ“s a bunch of those guys coming to this forum and posting new works and tests with Corona. :) #WordOfMounth \o/



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