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My ram is 2400MHz on the ThreadRipper and 1600 on the MacBook,  I'm assuming faster ram will prepare the scene faster.  Since these are such quick to render frames.   I also think that having only two 8Gb Ram sticks on a CPU with 4 dies is probably causing the bottleneck.   Would that make sense?
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--- Quote from: Smetz on 2019-04-02, 18:38:01 ---faster ram will prepare the scene faster

--- End quote ---
No. RAM speed is not the bottleneck in scene parsing / preperation. Your CPU is the sole bottleneck during scene parsing.

Last time I asked, 3dsMax delivers the scene data to the renderer single threaded ohh you are on C4D but the point still stands, so there isn't much you can do to upgrade, besides making sure that your Harddrive where the Textures are being pulled from does not cause a slow down.

--- Quote from: Smetz on 2019-04-02, 18:38:01 ---two 8Gb Ram sticks on a CPU with 4 dies

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This has nothing to do with each other. As long as RAM sticks are not an uneven number, which would prevent proper use of dual channel ram, such relationships don't matter.
Even if you would use 3 sticks, which would prevent proper dual channel you probably wouldn't even notice.
So no, CPU dies (I presume you mean cores, because you propably only have a single CPU die ;]  ) does not factor into how many ram sticks you should have.

If you have scene performance problems open up a thread about it and give a little more detail about your scene ( how many objects, how many textures and maybe a screenshot ), so it can be properly adressed.

Threadripper is QUAD channel, so you do need at least 4 RAM modules. Using only 2 RAM modules will basically half it's performance.


--- Quote from: diffuus on 2019-05-08, 20:45:49 ---Using only 2 RAM modules will basically half it's performance.

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It will half it's maximum theoretical bandwidth, nothing more.
You will be hard pressed to find any benchmark showing benefits of Quad channel vs Dual channel, that aren't synthetic.

Leaving the realm of practically and entering overclocking it can even be the other way around. Because how infinity fabric (jesus, who names these, does thanos work at AMD?) is setup, much of then CPU is tied to the RAM speed and two RAM sticks often clock higher than 4. Remember the witcher 3 promotional material for Ryzen, showing how higher clocks achieve higher fps? Shortly after came out guides showing how 2 RAM sticks clock higher and run thus faster than 4 in benchmarks, because no non-synthetic benchmark is actually bound by bandwidth specifically.

But all in all these technicalities don't matter in the grand scheme of things. Especially since Corona's mantra of simplicity and not getting caught up in technicalities brought a departure from settings ridden render setup tabs.

Did you setup AMD config? They really have magic working fast on faster RAM also RAM slot have similar magic what half speed ram clock if you wrong place in modules slot


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