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All viewport mode interactive rendering feature requests

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i wish we have options to choose between intel AI or nvidia AI denoiser in interactive viewport rendering so we can use old VGA card not only RTX as it has shortage in the market now and intel AI not bad....or perhaps make option to choose old nvidia driver for old VGA card

You don't need RTX card to run Optix denoiser. AFAIK any relatively recent GTX card (Maxwell and later) will do the job. I have GTX 1060 and Optix denoiser in Corona IR runs just fine. As for the Intel denoiser, it performes denoising only when rendering is finished, so it wouldn't be good choice for interactive rendering.

I have a 980 Ti and it also works fine with the NVIDIA denoiser :)

it would be great to have a shortcut within the frame buffer that is a zoom to fit added to the "F" key.

Just simply enable the option to resize VFB Interactive Render as needed.


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