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All viewport mode interactive rendering feature requests

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Hi guys.
Would an interactive 360 ​​frame buffer be possible?

Would that not be basically just a perspective camera rotating in Z? Or do you mean having a finished 360° render in the VFB and re-project it so that it can be viewed directly - a pano viewer integrated in the VFB?

Good Luck

Igor Lapin:
Please memorize window scaling. When you change the resolution of the picture, the render window changes its size, it is not convenient.
And it is possible to make the image scale tied to the render window, and it was possible to change the scale from 1-100% (and over), like in photoshop, and not 1:1, 1:2, and so on. In both cases, interactive render and production render.

Igor Lapin:
And the same problem with scaling in "specify Cropping/Placement" window.

Hey fellas

I would love to be able to have a small floating viewport with interactive rendering running all the time and then be able to use 2D pan/zoom in it to tweak things. Any update being able to do this? :)


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