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35 most realistic renders - Corona Got 2 images on this list ! :)

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   Hello there guys ! Long time since my last posts on this forum. Busy season !  :) But i am still using Corona on a daily basis as personal renderer and on my work (production) as much as possible.
    I am crazy about to start some new image...
    Some days ago, i´ve discovered that 2 of my images, made using Corona are listed on a site called CGTRADER, among other incredible artwork. I am glad !

      Then, 1 or 2 days after this first article the Gizmodo website posted a shorter list, based on that first list, selecting 9 of the "most realistic" CGI images... And again, one of my images are listed. :)

       I hope this kind of stuff helps to boost Keymaster brains to keep the excellent work ! More and More people around me, friends, coleagues and random people are getting it´s atention caught by Corona, and asking about it.
        I am happy to get the chance to "Payback" Ondra, with my little contribution, spreading the good word about Corona and spreading Artworks made using this Engine. We are a few users among a LOT of render engines, but we can call atention with our work, that´s a good way to atract people to test and support it. :)
       thanks and, please, apologize my english errors !

Congratulations to you and Keymaster. :)

While most of the listed images are really amazing, some of them are worse, and some are better. Your two renders are for sure some of the best in terms of realism. And it's so cool one of them has a subliminal message in it. :D

Congratulations! It's cool!

Congratulation, really nice work!!

Bravo Ondra! Bravo Marcelo! Bravo Corona! Bravissimo!


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