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Hello how are you I am new to this, I have a question I have an Intel Core i9 13900KF, 64gb ram, RTX 4090, cooling is H170I ELITE CAPELLIX, when I render a scene my CPU temperature reaches 92° I did the Corona benchmark test and The temperature only reached 72°, why did that happen? My scenes are poorly optimized and that's why it gives me 92° temperature? Thank you very much the truth is that I am very worried

The old Corona Benchmark is not intended as a temperature/stress test for a machine, and the rendering code has changed a lot since 1.3 - for example, Denoising was introduced in Corona 1.4, and Denoising is known for taking full advantage of what a CPU can do (and thus, because the CPU is working at its maximum for an extended period, will see higher temperatures). To be honest, poor optimization would likely cause lower temperatures as the renderer will not be able to perform as efficiently, if anything :)

So long as 92 is within the thermal tolerances for your CPU, then there is no problem - and if that is outside the tolerances, it would be wise to check the cooling (is it mounted properly, is the thermal paste properly applied, is it recommended as sufficient cooling for that CPU, etc.)

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