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Zoom in cVFB, right click in some area in the right half of the image. If the color readout does not fit into the image window, the frame buffer starts to scroll. V2 behaves correctly.

3dsmax 2016 / 2018 | v3

Good Luck

Since Corona 1.5, the config file for dr server is called "DrConfig-1.5.txt". Either the file should be named matching the current version or just named "DrConfig.txt" (preferably).

Good Luck

Steps To Reproduce:

  • Take your favourite teapot scene
  • Set ouput to <somewhere>\<somefile>.jpg
  • Create a native max region
  • Render, look at ouput file
  • Move region to another part of the frame
  • Render, look at output file

The previously rendered VFB area(s) are written to the output file. Should at least not happen when "Clear VFB between renders" is activated. Even manually clearing the VFB does not correct this. Additionally there should never be a discrepancy between VFB and output after rendering. A save from VFB seems to write correct data.

Good Luck

Max 2016 + 2018 | Corona 2 + v3 dailies + v3 RC1 | Win 10

Edit: Here is a rewrite of the idea for a Corona Custom Renderstamp. Run the script as whatever (prerender/startup/manually).

To use/test:
  • Create a new scene
  • Add a daylight system
  • Add a frame tag on a frame
  • Use for example the following stamp definition:"3ds Max §xv | ForestPack v§pfp | §sft | %v/%n | Time: %pt | Passes: %pp/§rpl | Noise: %pe (§rnl) | Daylight: §ssd • §ssth" in Render setup -> System -> Renderstamp
  • Close Render Setup

Please read the header of the script or type:

Code: [Select]
in the maxscript listener to see all available tokens and scene overrides.

If you want to add your own tokens:

- define the token name and descriptive text in struct "tokens"
- add a function in the case section of "getTokenValue()" for the new token which returns the value as string to use for it

To test/evaluate all tokens use

Code: [Select]
in the maxscript listener.

Good Luck

Original post:

I was searching for a simple option to have framebased arbitrary text and other information inside the corona renderstamp. Time tags (also called "frame tags") turned out to be the simplest way to do.

Any time tag of the current frame can be put in front of the stamp, so that if you work with animated cameras for stills (e.g. every fifth frame a shot), you can name them by simply adding a tag (see screenshot).

At the moment we cannot setup target noise level and target passes in the renderstamp by UI. The script additionally automatically adds target noise level and target passes to the tokens "%pp" and "%pe" by default when they are used in the render stamp setup string.

You can add your own features, the script is Backburner-proof (it logs into max.log for this reason, to see what's going on) and works also for the CInfo_Renderstamp render element with switched off stamp in render setup (a related bug was fixed recently, so you need at least a current Corona 2.0 daily for that special case).

To use/test:

  • Put the script into Pre-Render section of Render Setup -> Scripts
  • Go to some frame
  • Add a time tag
  • Render that frame

Good Luck

Usually our Max gets coloured rollout bars for better UI readability.

How to with 2018?

Element "Roll-outs" ist just missing in the customize interface. Anyone knows how to change the rollout title bars?

Good Luck

[Max] I need help! / Mask from object with transparency
« on: 2017-08-09, 22:36:00 »
Is there any option to achieve this? Given a simple plane with PNG texmap with tranparency I would like to have something like its alpha but as render element. Every RE (Mask, WireColor) seems to just mask where transparency is not exactly zero, ignoring values in between. Using such a map in CTexmap renders just black.

Good Luck

I tried Max2016+Corona 1.6.1 and a fresh Max2018+1.6.1, tried every option (local/UNC/other-than-C-drive). It just does not save out a single map. Rendering is ok even for multiple objects but obviously no save happens.

I´ve found a few old Mantis entries (and Romullus having the same issue once) but they do not really help. What do I miss? When switching to MR with the same setup everything works fine.

Thanks and
Good Luck

I know about the upcoming (still nameless) standalone solution but is there any trick atm. to do so?

I loaded some dumped exr in the cVFB of an empty(!) scene via resume option, adjusted tone mapping + Bloom&Glare, works perfectly like this even without the original scene. But how to denoise (again)?

Good Luck

When using DR I´d like to see how many passes were rendered by the master and how many by the slaves (without the need of summing up all passes in DR tab and substracting this from the number of total passes).

It´s important for example while checking the next adaptivity recalc intervall. Atm you never know when you get the next valid noise level calculated.

But independently from that I´d like to see that information in the stats.

Good Luck

It seems that the "Original RGB "value is used as threshold. Shouldn't it be the "Mapped RGB" value instead?

The point is that CoronaOutput doesn't work as expected (at least from me :) any more:

A ("HUD") plane with light material applied and some bitmap with unchecked "Affected by tone mapping" as texmap gets part of the glare/bloom calculation when using lower exposure values because its "Original RGB" value gets higher, when lowering exposure and this exact value is used to control glare/bloom. So sooner or later it reaches the glare/bloom threshold and gets processed.

As far as i know, CoronaOutput calculates the texmap as the opposite of the post settings to maintain the visible output and thus creates higher original rgb values the lower exposure gets to compensate it. However when used together with glare/bloom and "Origninal RGB" value as threshold, the result is questionable for me.

Is this solvable? I´d like to continue using this method to stamp bitmap info (logo/project status/shot information etc.) directly into the cVFB to minimize post.

Good Luck

[Max] General Discussion / Memory consumption Corona 1.4
« on: 2016-06-10, 14:18:18 »
I found this interesting, maybe someone else also. Rendering a 12x6k pano needs at rendertime:

 Standard:                 9,50GB     (+-0,0%)
+Adaptivity:              10,90GB     (+14,5%)
+Denoising:               18,80GB     (+97,7%)
+Adaptivity+Denoising:    18,82GB     (+98,1%)
+One additional pass:     10,65GB     (+12,1%)
+Two additional passes:   11,78GB     (+24,0%)

Adaptivity+Denoising+two additional passes:
                          21,10GB    (+122,1%)

Good Luck

[Max] I need help! / Find out Corona version of a max file
« on: 2016-05-19, 18:40:11 »
Is there any possibility to find out which Corona version was used for a given file?

Good Luck

[Max] General Discussion / DR/networking tips
« on: 2016-04-25, 12:40:59 »
I know that I should put all textures and assets in one place in the network but for now I don't have a server I only have 2 computers I use one as a WS and the other one as render node it is very annoying to copy all assets each time between 2 pcs (...)

There is absolutely no need for a (dedicated/real) server if you are working with just a few computers. Just create a network share with proper rights on one of your machines and use it as the asset resource for all participating nodes (using UNC paths of course).

Good Luck

It´s not mentioned in the changelog (yes, maybe part of "Misc UI tweaks"), but the renderstamp font has changed to some antialiased one?

Is there any reason (e.g. a pending size option?). The older (without antialiasing) was muuch better in size and readability.

Good Luck

First rendering: just a standard render on a workstation. Second rendering the same (still open) scene as backburner rendering on the same workstation.

I suspect volumetric because changes are along the border of a VolumeMtl box. Are there any known issues? Would like to know before digging deeper.

Good Luck

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