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Configure New PC 7950x or 13900K

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Hello my friends, I have a little doubt about processors, in fact my doubt would be between the Ryzen 7950x and the Intel 13900F, in fact I saw that Intel has two models, the other would be the 13900K, which seems to be more expensive but performed worse in Benchmark, the 7950x I saw that it only accepts DDR 5 but in my case I'm going to build a complete desktop so I'm not going to reuse memory, but I also don't know if it's worth buying DDR5 memory to what extent does it improve performance in Corona Render? 13900F accepts DDR4 and DDR5 so that would be another doubt since DDR5 motherboards are much more expensive, another thing seems that the 7950x heats up a lot, I live in Brazil in a very hot region, I will definitely use a Walter cooler on this desktop. 360, but would it be enough to withstand hours of rendering? Good friends, I have a lot of doubts but if you could help me, I would really appreciate it...

Hello there. Both cpu's heat up a lot and if that is one of the main reasons for picking one over the other I would then go for the 7950x. It has a one button solution in Ryzen Master called Eco mode.
By going Eco mode you cut the temperature 30 degrees you also cut the performance a bit but that is the trade off and you can always switch back directly from Windows.

You should also look for a good case with great airflow combined with a big AIO. The Artcic Liquid freezer II 420 is quiet good and yet cheap compared to the competitors. You could also throw a Noctua NH-d15 but from experience I know you will get better results with the bigger AIO, unless you go for a quiet expensive case with superb airflow (fractal design torrent) and cut the margin even more.

Keep in mind that for Intel you need to go for Win 11 to get the best possible performance. You can also play with the settings in Bios to achieve better temperatures but Ryzen is much easier for that. You asked about the difference between 13900k and kf. K is with the onboard VGA while KF is without it. The cpu's should be identical in performance but you always have the silicon lottery part.

I don't know what to tell you about the ram. To be honest ddr4 had ok prices a year ago while ddr5 was 50% more expensive (depends on the market). Now, looks like overnight to me :) prices have been cut in half or even more. ddr5 is cheaper then ddr4 used to be and ddr4 is just crazy cheap now :)

At the end of the day it all depends on your budget and the prices available to you in your market/country. Whatever you choose you won't make a mistake since the performance of both Ryzen and Intel is really close if not identical sometimes ( for our case scenario, rendering, modelling, etc...). Just play with the components, watch some reviews and see what you can get for a good price. Good luck!

Khm... If budget ain't an issue and you got patience... Threadripper Pro (4th gen Zen) got bencharked just a month ago. Ohmm...   

If you go with a good 3 fan AIO cooler and a good case, you have nothing to worry about. I run my 7950x on ECO mode, the temps never go above 80C, usually stay around 75C. It's been a while since I tested this but I think there is only a 7% drop in performance in eco mode and 20C drop in temperature. Stock runs at 95C, not worth it IMO.

Make sure you invest in an Nvidia GPU to utilize the Optix denoiser, I don't know how I would work without it.

Well, I want to thank everyone without exception, thank you very much for every tip and comment, Vuk really about DDR5 I saw that in some cases it actually costs cheaper than DDR4, the motherboard is still a little more expensive, I didn't know that ECO option which makes configuration a lot easier, especially since I'm not a deep connoisseur, Burnin unfortunately my budget won't be able to buy a processor like this at the moment, here in Brazil things are very expensive, the taxes are absurd which makes it very difficult for us budget at the moment is at most for one of the processors, Cgrobo I was very inclined towards the 7950x but on the internet the vast majority of reviews are for games, and it seems that aimed at games the i9 is better especially in the single core comparison which is not In my case, gaming for me is Ps5 desktop work, and the 7950x has a slightly better rating on Benchmark, here in Brazil the 7950x are slightly cheaper, and on the card I intend to put an RTX3060 momentarily because I'm investing more in the processor, Do you think the 12GB 3060 is a good option at the moment?


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