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Interview Series with artists and studios - 'Composite'


Hey folks,

I'd been thinking for a while about the articles we see in the arch viz industry. We're bombarded with content about techniques and software, how-to tutorials, case studies on headline projects, future promises of AR/VR and game engines, the loss of our careers to AI - the list goes on... but where are the people?

I wanted to try to offer a tiny break from the noise and collect some human stories from the artists and studios behind the images: "Composite" is an illuminating Substack newsletter that delves into the personal stories and ideas from renowned studios and artists in the field.

The first edition (out now!) features an exclusive interview with the incredibly talented Fabio Palvelli - Creative Director at Elephant Skin and co-founder of the D2 Conferences. In the interview, Fabio shares insights into his creative process, techniques, and experiences, providing readers with a glimpse into the person behind the stunning images - read it here.

Future editions will feature studios from around the world including: Darcstudio, Numa, Third Aesthetic, David Schnabel, Ronen Bekerman and more...

If people are interested, I can drop links to future interviews in this thread too.

 - JL

Morning all,

Issue 2 of the 'Composite' interview series is now live, featuring Ronen Bekerman:-

Future editions (already interviewed and lined up for publishing) will include: Darcstudio,, Third Aesthetic, David Schnabel and more...
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Cheers - JL


Forgot to share here, the third interview of 'Composite' came out a couple of weeks ago featuring Mark Hunter - founder of Australian powerhouse studio Third Aesthetic:-

More to come monthly - including Darcstudio,, David Schnabel and more - subsribe (for free) at

Nice one - JL


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