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Vray 3.0 open beta

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There's actually a lot more bullshit in there than I thought.

--- Quote ---"V-Ray 2.x licenses will remain active for a 6-month grace period from the date of upgrade to V-Ray 3.0.
A special V-Ray 2.4 build will be available to provide compatibility with V-Ray 3.0 licenses."
--- End quote ---
Which sounds like it will not be possible to render "unlimited" with 2.4 either if you're going to update.

But anyways, still enough vray fanboys to just blindly buy it.

Feeling spoofed the second time by chaosgroup (2.0 upgrade was nonsense too) but I'm happy because it's a good thing for Corona.

1 license per node...what a joke !

this is like the shit cloud thing of Adobe CC, customers were so damn angry :D

This is a good news for Corona :) not for vray users, this pissed me off a lot. I don't kow if I'm gonna update it honestly..
How can you pretend something like that especially in a critical moment like that?

It's a good way to lose customers ;)

Actually it's not that absurd, and hardly overpriced. Upgrade option provides pretty cheap price for nodes.
It's simply moving more into Entertainment market with studios that can easily afford this, and will compete with Arnold and so-likes, which have pretty much the same price politics on nodes. It's nothing new.

It's decent update imho, way more that I expected, but not that miraculous. Definitely plan on upgrade, as currently Corona and Vray compliments themselves well in our production.

--- Quote from: Chakib on 2013-09-04, 17:10:27 ---1 license per node...what a joke !

this is like the shit cloud thing of Adobe CC, customers were so damn angry :D

--- End quote ---

Except that for most part, CC deal is pretty damn good. And while there won't be future CS continuation, current CS version will continue to exist and be possible to buy. Vocal groups were angry but world continues to turn. Due to discount from Behance, we run full cloud (every single Adobe app plus shit ton of bonuses) for 30 euros per month already including 10euros for ProSite. That's uber cheap compared to if I wanted to buy CS6.0 PS/AE/Premiere.


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