Author Topic: What is the 'correct' method for deriving vertical field of view?  (Read 6917 times)

2019-08-03, 16:52:15


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So I've found three different ways to derive the vertical FOV (field of view) from the horizontal FOV, and each method gives me a slightly different number. So what I want to know, is which one is the correct method?
Code: [Select]
vFov1 = 2.0 * atan(tan($cam_render.fov / 2.0) / GetRendImageAspect())
vFov2 = atan(tan($cam_render.fov) * ((renderHeight as float) / renderWidth))
vFov3 = ($cam_render.fov / GetRendImageAspect())
So, if I have a 70mm camera, using a 36mm film back, and a resolution of '1920x803', the resulting values for each of the above are:
Code: [Select]
vFov1 = 12.2765
vFov2 = 12.9701
vFov3 = 12.0624