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Free Tree/Shrubs/Plants Pack

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@jojorender I'm dumb. You are 100% correct. There is a set of C4D with Corona materials ready to render, as long as you also have the textures. I missed it when I made this post, but then found I had already downloaded the Corona version a few weeks back.

I also had looked up the common names for these since by degree in botany is non-existant.

Grass_MT_PM_V60_Ammophila_arenaria_Marram Grass
Grass_MT_PM_V60_Cynodon_dactylon_Bermuda Grass
Grass_MT_PM_V60_Cyperus_eragrostis_Tall Flatsedge
Grass_MT_PM_V60_Digitaria_sanguinalis_Hairy Crabgrass
Grass_MT_PM_V60_Lolium_perenne_Perennial Ryegrass
Grass_MT_PM_V60_Ophiopogon_bodinieri_Perenial Grass
Grass_MT_PM_V60_Setaria_viridis_beauv_Green Foxtail
Shhrub_MT_PM_V60_Allium_canadense_Wild Garlic
Shrub_MT_PM_V60_Abelia_grandiflora_Glossy Abelia
Shrub_MT_PM_V60_Agave_sisalana_Agave Plant.FBX
Shrub_MT_PM_V60_Campsis_grandiflora_Chinese Trumpet Creeper
ShrubMT_PM_V60_Cistus_albidus_Rock Rose
Tree_MT_PM_V60_Acer_buergerianum_Trident Maple

unfortunately these free plants are no longer available... so sad! I wish, I could find a way to get them...

cheers steppes

send me a pm steppes

That link still works for me...

Still works for me too.


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