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3DRnB Workplace Scene for Corona


Hi everybody:)

We have just released a new scene for Corona(15% off this week):  it is a nice loft inspired by the photos of Paulina Arcklin.

There are lots of models, about 150 shaders, light setup for daylight, blue hour and night + artificial lights, two hdr, 3D modeled external buildings and much more!

We have also made a quick video guide to see what's inside the scene:

Here are the final images, I've just used the VFB tools, no further post processing involved, hope you like them;)

I've also made a small video in the spare time, hope you like it;)

I'll post some more details later!

We are offering a 30% discount on the Workplace Scene, just insert the coupon code: blackfriday2020 when you buy the product;)

We have also recorded a small video tutorial about the AC piping shader, there is the link to download the scene included in the video description on Youtube:

To celebrate Earth Day we are offering a 30% Discount for every product, the coupon code is: earthday30


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