Author Topic: Adding Degradation to Stone Material - Castle  (Read 312 times)

2022-11-16, 14:19:10


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Hi all, I'm wanting to find out how I can add degradation to the stone and roofing material.

I've attached 3 images; three are references to the real castle and the screenshot is my render in progress. You can see mine is almost flawless and the reference has a lot of damage to the stone. I've found the most similar materials possible but they do not have that sort of degradation I'm looking for.

Any pointers? I'm using Corona 6. Cheers!

2022-11-16, 15:04:43
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You want to blend tiled clean materials with some distressed materials through mix and composite nodes. Ideally you should also drive blending with geometry dependent nodes, like Corona AO, curvature, distance etc. Alternatively you can author your materials in programs like Substance Painter, or Designer, but that would require to output very high resolution final textures, which might not be ideal in terms of memory usage.
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