Author Topic: Resume from File, EXR file, denoising  (Read 481 times)

2022-06-30, 23:03:45


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I recently tried resuming a render from a cxr file I saved, but am getting the error "The EXR file is missing some render elements, denoising might not work properly". Am I missing something?

I have it set to Corona High Quality for the denoiser, and have checked in the experimental settings that "adaptivity" is enabled.
I also have all the essential render elements selected in the render settings tab.

Not sure if it matters, but the renders are distributed, and have about 16 passes on the main node as well as the other nodes.

Am I missing something?

Thank you!

2022-11-29, 10:10:09
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Just in case you did not know. This is just an error that pops up but it does the final Denois without any problems.

Since the Denoise is done at the end of the render I figuer it is just something Corona have coded in a weird way. You could try to use the "Gather Data" option for the denoising. This would maybe stop you from getting the errro message but you would have to open every single frame to denoise it. If you just render one image that could be a good solution, however, I am not sure it wount give you the same error.
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2023-01-04, 11:31:12
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it is correct -  denoising might still work if enough passes are rendered- you can simply ignore this error message.