Author Topic: Wren 2022 Kitchen CGI Projects  (Read 216 times)

2022-01-25, 13:08:24


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Our client requested new kitchen interiors for their latest brochure, requesting a staggering fourteen CGI interiors. Each with a leading establishing image and several supporting cameos to show off internal cabinetry accessories and other key features. Everything here was designed in house by our interiors team, taking inspiration from current trends, such as working-from-home with office features and workspaces featuring prominently.
Our 3D team fabricated each concept in 3DSMax with additional props modelled in Z-brush and some soft furnishings simulation in Marvelous Designer. The final renders were done in Corona, comp'ed in Fusion and finishing touches were completed in Photoshop to ensure colour accuracy.

More of these + last years brochure images can be found here

Thanks for looking and apologies for this being a bit image heavy