Author Topic: My exterior renders look so flat and not very realistic. Help me please  (Read 1276 times)

2020-10-20, 04:19:42


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Hello everyone,

Please see attached images.

It has been a dream of mine to do work as a professional Archviz artist for a long time now, I have been a hobbyist for a while and have been learning off youtube and other sources.

I feel like I can only produce renders to a certain level and am missing some key ingredients and maybe just natural talent to take my renders to the next level.

Is there any advice or critiques anyone has on how to elevate my renders? I was thinking of doing a rendering course through what looks like an incredible company located in the UK and it will all be online.

What is everyone else's experience with getting into the industry and were you either purely self taught or is professional training advisable?

Thanks in advance for any advice

2020-11-16, 17:46:13
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I am not really an archviz expert, but based on seeing huge numbers of images, I would start with the basics - an image won't look good as a whole if materials, models, and lighting do not look good and realistic. If we take any of the items in your images, for example: the tree, the water, the background image - it is obvious that it's CG. I would also try with a few different HDRIs for lighting, and different post-processing options (especially LUTs) to get more interesting and less generic atmosphere in the scene.
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