Author Topic: Render pixel issues  (Read 997 times)

2020-08-25, 23:30:25


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Hello everyone,

Today I've made my first render ever with 3ds Max & Corona:

I've rendered this image for like 5 minutes till it look decent. However the render still contains some of those weird pixels after denoising (1.0). I don't know what causes this problem. Can someone help me out with this? :)

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2020-08-26, 09:32:56
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How many passes did you render? The image looks very "undercooked". You should let it reach to at least 30 passes, so there won't be problems with aliasing. better yet to watch residual noise and try to achieve 3-5% noise in final render and then apply denoiser at much lower strength (default settings are good for most situations).
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