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Gallery / Re: First render - Paris apartment
« on: 2013-06-07, 20:44:32 »
You can also try set diffuse level of white wall to 0.7-0.8 (value=255) to get more contrast.

What kind of contrast ? I have my whites always around 180-190 RGB since I adopted LWF. But this shot is kind of bland because I over-did the softbox I think. Anyway, I am always on quest how to do proper wall plaster. I had slight succes with the "roughness" value in Vray, which no one seems to use. I am curious to hear more from you

But the numbers driving values in materials are still a bit mystery to me, since I am used only for Color and Maps.

Gallery / Re: First render - Paris apartment
« on: 2013-06-07, 20:37:29 »
Yes, I have it set that way :- ) Made the effort to read the manual (and every topic on forum too) yesterday

Gallery / Re: First render - Paris apartment
« on: 2013-06-07, 20:10:03 »
I will play big time with every possibility there is, I am systematic and curious enough :- ). But time is really not important in this project, even if fully unbiased will provide 2-3perc. better image, I am all for it.

I must say the rotating smilie more than enough supplements that need to watch buckets go away. Even without buckets, the screen is still magnetizing.

Well, I off to beer, but I gave up rendering another preview. 8k px, pt+pt,  and DOF, really wonder what's gonna happen ! So far looks great

Gallery / Re: First render - Paris apartment
« on: 2013-06-07, 18:40:39 »
One more thing I love :- D Might not seem like big catch, but for me it is. The material preview ! Which actually really corresponds to what I get in render. Even better that it is directly integrated into Max mat editor, and not some new weird obscure UI on top of everything like every other renderer. The clean integration within Max is what makes this such and effortless experience.

I am really charmed, feels better than first date.

Gallery / Re: First render - Paris apartment
« on: 2013-06-07, 18:16:35 »
My sentiments. I have bit of grudge against learning even though I am quite fast then, I dread the start. Even installing Windows bothers me these times.
I used Vray for 2 years, and each month, I've redone my workflow and settings, always found "better" way to do things. I wasted so much time...for what.

But I was really suprised how easy and straight-forward everything was. Much easier to teach others who work with me too !

Gallery / Re: First render - Paris apartment
« on: 2013-06-07, 16:44:37 »
Hi Rawa,

the glass panels are hidden :- ) they wouldn't be much visible anyway. I am only concerned about accuracy of GI, so I would like to keep using only path tracing for stills like these, and LC for animations or simpler modern scenes.

As for the samples, what actually happens between the different numbers ? Does it affect the result visually ?

As I said, optimizing times is not important at all. We have dual-octacore Xeon machines and i7 SBe, and when DB will come, quite a lot of cores (64) available too. I only wish for the best visual quality, everything is, is not important for me.

Daily build could be cool, but if Alpha 5 is around the corner, maybe it doesn't matter :- ). I wanted to experiment with Bidir, but it ignored my clipping planes so I couldn't compare it. I don't see portal lights, though I see PortalLightMaterial which I applied to geo. Will see how it goes.

Gallery / First renders - Paris apartment early previews
« on: 2013-06-07, 14:55:55 »
Edit: This project has since been finished and can be seen here: or here :- )

[click to see higher res]


I've pondered the idea of trying out new renderer for quite some time. 2 years ago, when I first began with 3D, I actually started with Octane beta, no idea how I came across it istead of Vray. I still remember the comfortable workflow but my scenes quickly outgrew gpu vram capacity.

Well, turning point came this week, after spending close to 60 hours, trying to come up with best "visual quality" scenarion in Vray, which is BruteForce, SubPixelOff,ClampOff, and even though I ended up conquering it, it cost me lot of frustration and I just didn't like the look that much for so much effort. I desperately expected bit more.

Other solutions I qucikly looked through included Maxwell and Arion. Maxwell doesn't even have damn converter and it would deferred me completely from animation territory. I still wanted same renderer for stills and animations. Arion does have converter, but not even damn forum and same problem with animations, on top of that, mostly oriented towards GPU.

So all in all out, Corona, which I honestly didn't put much faith in ( I am very sceptic person...). But damn my ego, I was so wrong.

The installation, converting my scene in one touch of button and pressing render took less than 5 minutes, and after 5 minutes of default PT+PT 16 I already enjoyed satisfaction of what I saw.

Edit: Duh, I only briefly studied manual yesterday, and since I am mostly after visual quality, times be damned, this is 4k (3840x1800px), rendered using PT+PT and 64 samples. I let it render overnight, although it looked pretty good after 3 hours, this one is saved after 12. The only post done is slight glow from MagicBullet Looks.

It is lit completely using custom HDRi in environment (can't be seen, the outside is 3D geometry as well), and very weak softbox behind camera using Corona Light. No portal lights.

Well, my second render is done now and I am beyond satisfied !! That's the results I was looking for. I love the subtle noise and little shadow detail all-around. Also, in-render DOF !

It's 100mil poly scene so far, this time only with HDRi, windows are far away. 7680px, full unbiased PT+PT, 16 samples only now, MaxInt. 0. Super super satisfied. It took 30GB ram, (it was 18 at 3840px, so it does seem to scale quite a lot). Not sure if I should keep Internal res=2 even if I go to such high res like this ? I do plan to render 8k most of my renders.

Well I am happy. I no longer need to worry about rendering, and go back to actual work. Lot's of modeling ahead, but my mind is at peace.

I think Corona will truly be revolution !

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