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I don't know if this ois related to the daily build, but now I have the following problem using the Cosmos Browser:

When I import any of the Sky-HDRIs (Day and Evening), I semm not to get the right maps. Even when I open the downloaded EXR-file in Photoshop (import via EXR-Io Plugin in 32 bit linear workflow) it doesn't look as expected. I have attached screenshots: one of the attributes-pane in C4D and one of the look of the file in Photoshop. This one is the imported HDRI "Day 024".

This happens no matter if in Windows 10 or in MacOS 12.6.6 (Cinema 4D 2023.2)



Hi there, this is expected. You can keep the skies intensity at 1 and lower the exposure value in the HDRI.

Yep, unfortunately there isn't a standard for the default exposure that an HDRI has, so such adjustments may have to be made.


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