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Interactive rendering is not visibleļ¼

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I found that when using clone + step effect, interactive rendering it can not be seen, but the final rendering can be, I know this is a bug, interactive rendering does not support step effect

Hi there,
Could you please let us know what your Cinema 4D and Corona version is?
It seems to be working as expected (see attached image)
If you're using an outdated version, could you please try using the latest DailyBuild?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind regards.

OK on my end too, I thought it may be an issue with the cloner set to multi-instance, but that's working fine.

Is there any thickness to these sheets?

I'm using the latest version of C4D 2023.2.1, and the latest version of corona Daily Build
Is the use of bend deformers + step time offset, and added thickness


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