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Daily Bug / (Daily Build 2023-05-30)

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Every time I resize the IR window, the number of lighting passes doubles in the multipass.
After stopping the renderer and restarting it, it returns to its normal state.

Hi there,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
It has been logged.
Thank you for your feedback.
Have an amazing day/evening.
Kind regards.

(Internal ID=1128906720)

Same here,

Also somehow is messing all the lights in the scene even when toggle off the extra lights generated by the bug, the lights are all getting super bright at normal values

One more thing,  the auto adapting resolution by resizing the IR is kinda annoying is there a way to turn off?


This actually happens with anything added from the multi-pass list, not just the LightMix. ;)

is it possible to make a kind of hotfix for that problem for the daily?

this bug makes it impossible to use and test in work at all sadly


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