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Can you try to relink the textures at all? If so, are they still black?

Oxocan London:
You got it, so when you first upload the texture from the Chaos browser to C4D, the textures are NOT linked. After clicking on re-link textures, you get the green tick. HOWEVER, although the textures seem to be green, the material preview goes back to black!

If you are available tomorrow morning I can log in with you and show you exactly what is happening on my mac.

Hi Ian, thanks for checking. And is this the latest Cosmos you have running?

Oxocan London:
yes, absolutely the latest!

Oxocan London:

Ok, here is a step-by-step process I go through before the issue takes place.

1. The first image shows the material is imported from Chaos browser and the textures have NO GREEN TICK next to them. For the textures to be reloaded I actually have to press RELOAD TEXTURES.

2. The second image shows the green ticks as I hit the reload all textures.

3. The third image shows what the material looks like once I saved it in my personal library/folder and imported out again to my materials list. As you can see they are all blacked out.

4. The fourth image is where I am trying to hit "reload all textures" but nothing happens and the green ticks do not appear.

The issue seems to be that on a mac at least, when you import a material form the chaos library, the assets do not import with it, or at least their previews. There is a loss of data between the Cinema 4d default library and the chaos transfer process.

I hope this clarifies a little better.


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