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Latest 10 build way slower than release 9

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HI guys,

I noticed that the latest release 10 daily build (Daily Build 2023-04-03) is slower than the official 9 release.
Of course is not stable so I'm expecting this but in some scenes it's like 2x slower (9 takes 2 minutes to render, 10 takes 3:30 minutes).
I'm attaching here a test comparison in a simple scene with only 1 hdri.

Is there any workaround or is the latest 10 version still buggy?
I'm in love with the shaders in the corona lights so I really want to use the latest daily build lol

Hi guys,

I've just tried the latest build (2023-05-17) and still is way slower than the official build.
Are the developers aware of this?

Thank you!

Hi there, could you please send us this exact scene so we can test it as well? Please use the "save project with assets" option to ensure everything is linked to the scene. Thanks in advance :) 

Hi Bengamin.
The problem is not related to this specific scene, the problem happens in any single scene I work on.
Is it a hardware problem? Maybe is windows 10?

Hi there,
Did you try testing the performance using the same C4D version?
I can see you were using C4D R23 and 2023.
What happens using the same version? Does the issue persists?
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards.


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