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Materials in Cosmos Browser missing compared to website?


I'm not sure if this is a Daily Build Problem.

I have just realized that the materials shown in the Cosmos Browser in the internet ( contain a lot more materials than in my cosmos browser which I start from within C4D.

I guess there's still a lot of materials only available for vray? If so are you going to make them available also for Corona/C4D?



There will pretty much always be a different number of materials available for different engines and set ups. While the plan is to always make all materials available for all, it takes time for them to go through the conversion and then the Quality Assurance steps, which means things are never 100% synchronized :)

PS always best to start from within your host with your render engine of choice, so that you get that "If I can see it, I can use it" listing.


it's what I was thinking. I just wasn't sure as there were even material categories which cannot be seen in my local host…

So now at least I have a confirmation.




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