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Render marked takes to Picture viewer is not working anymore

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I had this issue again tonight, before launching a big batch of renders. It isn't specific to Corona since the issue occurs with the basic Viewport Renderer too, and not hardware-specific since it happens on two different workstation.

Then a simple Google Search leads me too a post on Core4D forum from 2021 that confirmed that the issue is 01) old 02) on Cinema 4D side : 

 (the post :

So I've ran a close inspection of the overriden properties in the Takes Manager, and after deleting just the following little f*cker, everything works again !

I don't know if the propertie was tied to a deleted camera, or maybe a deleted Corona Tag, but it seems that the absence of the original data / object / propertie lead to a bug that render the current take over and over ( as many times as there are marked takes if you use the related command ).


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