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Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.

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Few ppl here already reported this few releases ago and the bug lives on..

Very simple, on the macbook settings has an option to save battery called "Low power mode"

If you're not on low power mode the render speed drops to 600-750% (processors power), when you switch it on to Low power mode the processor's cores go full blast up to 900% ish speed.

It wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't have to use other apps that are very affected by the low power mode turned on

tested on lots of differente scenes,
it's not a Heat problem

I'm on Macbook pro 16 m1
tried on Cinema 4d r25,26 and 2023 latest version
Corona 9 final release

mmm...I tried several time to found a solution to use more than 800% or more of the CPU during rending on my MBpro M1 Max. I continue to have around that percentage.
There are some Corona Render problems on M1 processors. I have Intel processor iMac too here and the percentage during rendering go up to 990%...
I will give to your tips a try....
If you try the Cinema4D internal rendering engine you will able to use all percentage of the processor...but not with corona render....

I tried your tips...I switched to low power mode during rendering and this is the test. On signed area Ive switched OFF low power mode and Corona render slow down the process up do 750%...
Absolutely strange behaviour...I think that developer needs to found a solution on M1 processors...

did you try with interna cinema4D engine? here is a comparison with a standard Cinema4D scene...the settings doesn't affects the rendering speed that still uniform...I think Corona developers have a lot to do with M1 processor...we lost around 20 or 30% of the power on the trash...
Very disappointed..

Thx for yor response!!

that's exacly what the problem is, I also tried differente engines and only on corona has this issue. It has been like this for few releases already, we did report and some other post but never got looked at.

Please Devs take a look at it.



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