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Changes in Corona Renderer 5 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2019-08-30) (

* Added:
* Added on/off toggles for Layered material layers
* Added SelectMaterial
* Added SelectShader
* Added MultiShader
* It's now possible to use materials in include/exclude list in material override
* Changed:
* Improved text in checkboxes for enabling/disabling caustics
* Improved performance of caustics solver in scenes with multiple light sources
* Updated geometry parsing - reduces RAM usage (depends on the scene) and fixes some memory leaks
* NaNs are now filtered from VFB
* Faster IR restarts in scenes with sun(s)
* Fixed:
* Fixed exlusion list in material override when adding complex generators (e.g. Extrude)
* "Generate caustics from environment" now properly updates in IR
* Fixed disabling caustics in Corona Light material used for environment
* Fixed some crashes caused by caustics solver
* Fixes in license activation in some specific cases

Changes in Corona Renderer 5 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2019-09-20) (

* Added:
* Added support for R21
* Added "Render stamp" to multi-pass
* Added "Sampling focus" to multi-pass
* Added start and stop buttons to interactive viewport options dialog
* Added "About & Licensing" button to preferences (can be used in TR client to manually handle license)
* Changed:
* Improved Variation shader UI in node editor
* "Use high quality filtering" was merged with image filters as "High Quality"
* Improved detection of C4D installation path in installer (Windows only)
* Fixed:
* Fixed color mix updates in IR for Corona AoMap and Corona WireMap
* Fixed IR sometimes not updated after texture change with C4D bitmap
* Materials with shared shaders now should render properly in TeamRender (currently this works only when started via full C4D, better fix in progress)

Changes in Corona Renderer 5 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2019-10-15) (

* Added:
* Added partial support for the "Enhanced OpenGL" mode for Corona material
* Added "Mesh element" option in the UVW randomizer map
* Renamed randomization modes in UVW randomizer:
* "Instance" -> "Objects"
* "Material ID" -> "Texture tag index"
* (!) "Material GID" -> "Material ID"
* "Object GID" -> "Object buffer ID"
* The build is notarized for Mac OS now
* Fixed:
* Fixed problem with Mac OS installer not installing R21 by default
* Fixed Sky object not working with LightSelect multipass

Changes in Corona Renderer 5 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2019-11-05) (

* Added:
* Added new 2.5D displacement
* Added animation parameters for Corona Proxy
* Added an option to toggle enhanced OpenGL material previews in Corona global preferences (off by default)
* Changed:
* Renamed "Texture tag index" in UVW randomizer to "Material tag index" to match R21
* Changed directory structure in the folder created by the "Unpack" method in the installer
* Fixed:
* Render regions are now persistent between renders and also saved with the document properly
* Render regions work over TR now
* Fixed alpha mode in interactive viewport
* Various Corona Proxy fixes:
* Fixed proxy caching behavior - it correclty supports the "Keep in RAM" option and only reloads when needed
* Fixed proxy objects not being animated
* Fixed bounding box position and size
* Fixed color used for displaying solid bounding box
* Fixed crash when instancing hair object (hair stil won't render)
* Fixed world-space mapping for heterogeneous medium used as global medium
* Fixed environment IR updates when rotating sky in IR
* Multishader in "Material ID" and "Object buffer ID" modes now maps first row to ID 1 (as shown in UI)

Changes in Corona Renderer 5 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 1) (

* Added:
* Added Corona Sky object (deprecates Corona Sky tag) and Corona Sky shader
* Added support for multiple environments (via Corona Sky object)
* Added support for C4D background object
* Added support for shadowcatcher illumination in Corona Light
* Added an option to save scene copy with shared shaders cloned and unshared. Useful as a workaround for issues with shared shaders created in the node editor.
* Changed:
* Changed the icon of Corona Select material to a cleaner and more consistent one
* Renamed "Texture tag index" in Corona Multi Shader to "Material tag index" to match R21
* Fixed:
* Fixed IR crash in scenes with very deep hierarchy
* Fixed crashes in scenes with several shared shaders in hierarchy
* Fixed crash when loading scenes with 3rd-party shaders (that were created in node material editor) when relevant 3rd-party plugin is no longer installed.
* Fixed problem with default render stamp text being used in render stamp pass when render stamp was disabled
* Improved UI responsiveness when working with large animated Proxy objects or with large amounts of Proxies using the same data
* Fixed parsing of environment introduced by generator in IR (e.g. C4D physical sky)
* Fixed parsing of stage object in IR
* Fixed crash when shutting C4D down after rendering a scene with shadowcatcher
* Fixed problem with Corona menu not present in C4D legacy menu in R21


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