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Corona 1.3 Benchmark

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Thanks Juraj,

I’ll swap out the ram tomorrow for a test.
What would you suggest for ram to support a cpu such as this?

Short answer: In your case, I would probably stay with ECC to be safe and just use 256GB DDR4-3200 REG ECC (8x32GB) from either Samsung or Micron making.

Long answer blabbering:

That is controversial topic on "prosumer" platforms like Threadripper Pro :- ). "Go ECC or not go ECC" (There are also two types of ECC, unbuffered, and buffered/registered).
Threadripper Pro and Asus WX80 Sage to my knowledge supports all types of memory, unlike  Xeon-W for example. And I currently don't own any Threadripper Pro, just Threadripper and Xeons, so I can't talk from experience, but few Corona team guys can, like Nejc.

1) ECC, particularly Registered ECC, is important for memory integrity, esp. at higher capacities (like 2TB). But for offline rendering, you don't need either integrity nor such capability. Contrary to the belief of ECC evangelists, your PC will almost never blue-screen or otherwise negatively affect your workload performance.

2) Motherboards like Asus WX do allow over-clocking of ECC memory. There is certain happy middle-ground between full JEDEC standard, and consumer XMP Profile. Something like 3200 CL18 would be still very conservative settings (compared to consumer 3600/CL16-CL18) but still much faster than JEDEC 3200/CL22+.

3) I would avoid high-capacity (64+) DIMMs, they have lot of ranks, often come in low-power stock mode, and are meant for different usage than workstations. 8x32GB is the ideal configuration for Threadripper Pro if you only need 256GB Ram (that is more than rendering needs). Plenty of capacity, all memory channels used (8), and 32GB DIMMs are easy to drive to 1.35V which enables faster settings.

Thanks Juraj,

That has sorted the bottleneck problem. Results below.
I'll look into your suggestions for ram to replace the two big 64gb pieces.

Corona 1.3 Benchmark Finished
BTR Scene 16 passes
AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5995WX 64-Cores
 Real CPU Frequency [GHz]: 3.2
Render Time: 0:00:17, Rays/sec: 27,524,400

Corona 1.3 Benchmark Finished
BTR Scene 16 passes
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X 16-Core Processor
 Real CPU Frequency [GHz]: 5
Render Time: 0:00:35, Rays/sec: 13,849,600

Top-down air cooler and 175W PPT. About as tuned as it gets without giving it more juice.

I think the Threadripper 5995WX (64 cores) and Ryzen 7950X (16cores) showcase interesting situation today. No matter the budget, you can get absolutely kickass performance, long gone are days when you had to have Threadripper or Xeon. The Ryzen gives you half the performance for fraction of cost.. Mainstream class of CPUs are simply very good.


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