Author Topic: Wonderig what is the most efficient method to make Rugs and carpets on Max  (Read 1377 times)

2021-11-24, 05:25:48


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Hi there, Ive been doing some research about the best way to make Rugs and carpets on 3dsmax. I found that there is three main methods, wich is:

Using regular PBRs (displacement and bump)
Scatter / FP
Hair & Fur

Then i decided to open this Topic to debate about the pros and cons of this options. Wich one of them has the best render time? Which one of them gives you the best results? The Best on close shots? Which one of them gives me more Control of How the rug Will look?

Certainly there isnt one option that is the answer for all these questions .

And also i have this CARPET as my reference. What method would be more efficient in this case?
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2021-11-27, 16:07:48
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Petros Proestos

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    • Petros Proestos
Corona scatter or itoo forest pack.
Just multiplay a carpet patch...
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2021-11-29, 02:14:11
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2021-11-30, 01:49:42
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I responded similarly on a different thread but basically, Forest Pack.

Corona Scatter and Ornatrix are good, but Forest Pack is just more comprehensive, can handle more bizarre edge cases, etc.

I say this as someone who has implemented the above example following the example project^ using the default hair-and-fur system (not recommended), and then spent probably a couple months exploring other options, including those listed above.