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.exr Elements saving black

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I've been using multipass .exr files and everything was working perfeclty until today. I added a z-depth pass onto my render elements and now all of the render elements render out black.

No idea why this has started happening as it was working perfectly fine in the same file.

Any help would be great.

Details: 3ds max 2022, Corona 8

Do they start working again if the z-depth pass is deleted after being added? Can you upload the scene (or simplified version of it) in working form before the z-depth is added? Thanks!

Actually, some other questions - do the passes show as black in VFB before saving to EXR? And if the scene can't be shared, can you list which render elements are being rendered? Thanks again :)

PS - you haven't enabled "Render only masks" by chance? In the Scene tab of the Render Settings dialog.

Hi Tom,

Unfortunately i cant share full scene as its all under NDA but i've saved out a version of the scene with a few bits of simple geo. One from the scene before the issues and one after.

The passes show perfecly fine in the Corona frame buffer which is why im finding it strange that everything is saving out black.

Deleting the z-depth after adding it does not seem to fix the issue. Render only masks is not enabled.

Passes included are:
- CMasking_ID
- CNasjubg_Mask
- CGeometry_ZDepth

Hi! What is a CNasjubg_Mask ? I couldn't find a translation for that, and neither does it show up when I load the scene (I just get the other two, no other render element).


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