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Stain glass Window effect

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Philip kelly:
I am looking to achieve this effect.
Attached an image of the desired effect.
Any ideas?

Thank you

Have you checked Volumetric Fog?

Philip kelly:
Thank you for the reply, but that dose not do it.
I have tried a number of options and the only one that works is , if you model the entire design and colour each bit of glass.

Otherwise, Glass altered and light behind it, but the fog Volumetrics don't work.
Thank you anyway.


Here is my quick and dirty faked method.

1. Create a target  3ds max standard directional light set shadows to caronaShadows, set it to rectangle shape and give it your stained glass texture in the projector map slot and aspect slot.
2. create your stained glass window material with self illumination with your stained glass texture, change it's object properties so it doesnt receive or cast shadows
3. align your directional light so it is in the same position as your window.
4. add volumetrics.

Also, you can make Volume box just where rays travel.
But note that caustic rays don't show behind glass. Which is what you're trying to achieve. (use thin glass or better, none at all, only textured spot/area light).
reference: How to make caustics produce volume light


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