Author Topic: All viewport mode interactive rendering feature requests  (Read 58608 times)

2022-12-15, 18:14:07
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I don't think that Elements are really a need for IR. We can see them on the VFB already, that's enough.
Less is more.

Sorry, disagree fully. I spend almost all my time in IR all day long, docked in a viewport. Having some small dropdown in that viewport to quickly switch between elements would be a huge time-saver. Sometimes more is more :)

100% Agree

At the very least, it'd be great to be able to have the option (a tick box in settings) to Interactively render the elements in docked IR viewport.
Nicolas Pratt
Another Angle 3D

2023-06-09, 14:20:01
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I think it would be very useful to have the Force path tracing ON/OFF function in the VFB.
I use it continuously