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3D Max crash - related to Corona?


The program is crashing all of a sudden from the very beginning. Looking at Autodesk help they pretend that the problem is related to Corona Renderer which is obviously stupid: 3d max was working yesterday with Corona. As we get used in last 10 years Autodesk is making a really mess with tones of updates and wrong software.
Here is the article:

Should I try to uninstall Corona ... ? Is there any fresh Corona update? I do NOT believe the problem is caused by Corona ...

For crashes, best to send as much info as possible to support, including the minidump - see

We'd also need Max version, Corona version, what you were doing specifically at the crash, whether this is all scenes or just one scene - the more info the better :)

You might also start with this, for repeated crashes:

James Vella:
Go to:

C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAME*\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2021 - 64bit (or whatever version you have).

Move the ENU to the desktop and restart 3dsmax. If it works that means you have a corrupt file in your ENU folder. You can copy/paste settings back but always good to keep a working copy of this folder.


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