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Get Rid of Fireflies in Animation

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I love Corona, but damn if I can't avoid fireflies to save my life. I will upload a scene after I post this. As you can see in this clip, I have fireflies all over the place. I will admit, on the first clip with all the trucks, I had some old chrome materials that were set to 999 IOR reflection. I fixed all of them and you can see in the single truck test, I still have fireflies in many other areas that have much less reflection. I'm assuming reflection is the main cause, but I'm only guessing. The full truck shot is using a simple Physical Sky with basic settings.

The full shot used 15 passes with High Quality Denoising. I also tried Noise Level limit of 5, 4 and 3 with either no change or even more fireflies. Clearly, adding more passes isn't the solution as far as I can tell. The step below the door of the truck is really bad. Upon closer inspection, I'm guessing the source of the fireflies there is the pill-shaped bumps, which are actual meshes and not Displacement.

I'm open to all suggestions.

Cinema 4D r20
MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina
Corona v7 Hotfix2

File name of upload:  Firefly

Had to use Dropbox. The normal uploader just hangs and takes too long, so the Captcha expires. Tried this in two different browsers.

Render settings / Corona >
/Frame buffer  set.

on an 'Image filter' there's a Highlight Clamping option - set it wisely ;)

Oh my God. In my initial test, this worked! I also read in the help that I should be using the Tent setting for Image Filter set to 2. Mine was set to High Quality. I set the Highlight Clamping to 2 and so far it seems to have worked. I'll render the full lot again and report back.

Have you tried Intel or Nvidia denoiser?
They can handle fireflies much better than Corona denoiser. So I would give them a try.

My choice is Intel. It outperformed Corona in all of my tests.


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