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Hello Forum!

Simple question-- what do you all recommend in terms of the best way to save out highly-tailored Corona Materials into a beautiful, easy-to-use library?  I don't need a crazy asset management system-- really just materials.

Ideally, it would be something that would automatically scoop the texture-maps and re-save them in a folder structure automatically.  I've used KStudio and design connector in the past a bit-- but wasn't sure what's good out there these days.  I NEED to stop re-creating the same materials over and over again and/or importing models just to grab textures.


James Vella:
Easy way in 3dsmax is make Material libraries.

If you are looking for a something a little more comprehensive Siger is a great 3rd party tool as well.

heyy Forum im not found CoronaPortalMtl in my Corona Library,, Can anyone Help me? I'm using Corona 6 for 3dsmax

There are no Corona Portals any more, they are no longer required due to the Adaptive Sampler that was introduced in Corona 6. See the release blog at

Siger, love it


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