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Title: Script - Corona Quick Setup
Post by: ice.penguin on 2021-09-10, 17:49:43
This script is written to simplify the settings panel, bring out the most commonly used parameters, helping ordinary users (like me :D) to set up scenes faster.
Note: this script is written and tested on Corona Renderer 6 & Corona Renderer 7, 3dsMax 2019 & 3dsMax 2022.


1.03 | 14/09/2021

Add “Reset” button: reset all render settings.
Add “Save” / “Load” button: save / load settings.
Add “Max passes” spinner in Interactive Rendering box.

1.02 | 11/09/2021
Add lock aspect ratio button
Add reset rendering limit button
1.01 | 09/09/2021

Add Conserve RAM (Conserve Memory) & New light solver (Adaptive Light Solver) option
Add a function to converting current renderer to Corona Renderer when starting the script
Add Corona Quick Setup icon to toolbar when installing script

Also, yes, I know that there are some similar scripts that have even been around for a long time, with the same concept but with different types of interfaces.
For example Corona Renderer Tweaker by Stanislav But, I have been using it for a while and actually love it, thank you Stanislav But.
But I feel those scripts still has something in interfaces that don't really fit into my workflow, so I wrote my own. Hope you will like it. :D

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