Author Topic: error while installing corona renderer for 3dsmax 2024  (Read 177 times)

2023-11-19, 04:58:24


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corona renderer 10 hotfix 1 and 3dsmax 2024 was working fine since last night. today when i opened the scene i got a license error. i checked my licenses are valid till 2024. so i tried updating corona renderer to hotfix 2. now corona is just not installing ta all for 3dsmax 2024.
i made a complete uninstall of corona renderer from my pc by removing leftover files manually also.
when i used typical while installtion it installs correctly but doesnt install for 3dsmax 2024. when i click on custom and select 3dsmax2024 it gives theattached error. i have tried everything but its just not installing.
reinstalling max 2024 is a big issue and my last resort as i have tons of scripts that need installation in 3dsmax and it takes me atleast 2 to 3 hours do to that.
can someone help why i am getting this error. corona was working fine till last night. i ust opened the scene today and problem started

2023-11-21, 10:31:34
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since your issue is related to licensing and not being able to install Corona, it would be best if you can send us a ticket stating your issue. You can start a ticket using this link:
Arpit Pandey |
3D Support Specialist - Corona | contact us

2023-11-21, 10:56:36
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