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Material below water make edges wet?

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I have a new question: how would you make all the material below the water plane darker instead of just counting up and down from the intersection using Distance?

Suppose you have a topo mesh, and a plane cutting through the middle of it. The ground above will use a lighter color and the ground below will use a darker color, but not just the edge, everything below the plane in terms of Y.


Dont think that's possible. (ALthough why not use a cube instead of a simple plane which would cover the bottom part).

I don't think the geommetry clipper is implemented in the c4d version yet? (Looking forward to it a lot!). But when it is, you could use that to seperate the above and below sections.

You should be able to do that with the distance shader, use a cube instead of a plane, and then turn on inside color. This should let you mask everything that's inside the cube.


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