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Multiple Bump Shaders on same Material?


Hi all,

I am not sure how to achieve this with Corona, actually not even in C4D.

I would like to combine 3 bump shaders for example: some scratching together with some dirt and some brushstrokes as if it was real paint.

I am guessing something along the Layer shader? I tested a bit and did not get the result I was looking for. Maybe multiply mode is not the way to go?
Another idea I had was to create 2 separate materials and then combine them both with a mask? Is that possible in Corona? For example, have a metal material, a paint material, and a mas of scratches, the result will look as if the paint has been scratched and you can see the metal underneath. I could use this logic to stack bump shaders too.

Hi there,

The Corona layered material will allow you to stack different bumps to your object as shown in my example below.

Awesome! I forgot to check into material types! Thank you!


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