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Global Volume (Fog) reduces & removes Hdri Reflecions

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Hi there

Not quite sure if my settings are incorrect, if this is a limitation to Corona, or if Light really works like this (which i don't think)

Long story short, when I add global Volume for a Distance Fog effect, the Hdri Reflections on the ground (see attachment) dissappear, but are still visible on the car though.

I tried "Single bounce only" in the Volume shader settings checked & unchecked.

There are no funky "general" render settings, Overrides or compositing tags added to any objects.

On my screenshot, the left half of IR is with the Global Volume turned on, the right half of IR is with Global Volume turned off --> see the difference on the ground reflections of the Hdri

( P.S: i could solve this by adding a huge Box object in the back of the scene and add the volume shader to it instead of a Global Volume, but i don't know how to get a gradient "density" effect -> the "edge" of where the volume starts is visible on the ground)

Any help would be appreciated!


Another thing i noticed is the Windshield and Front lights are behaving funnyily, no reflections either, too dark

Anybody got an idea?

More info needed...
 Along your sys. specs, best is to provide an exemplary/test scene file exposing issue.

Hi burnin

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I forgot to mention that i am currently using the "Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2021-11-10)"

Running a Intel i9 9900 KF
32GB Ram
EDIT: nvidia RTX2070Super
Windows 10

Example file is in the attachment ( also with the same HDRI used in the original post attachment- it's from and 100% free, so no problems with sharing it )

In my example file, global volumetrics are turned on, no reflections visible

Turn off global volumetrics in the scene environment settings -> completely different result, visible reflections

I also attached one more screenshot of that showcased here in the Example file


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