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So the latest build of v8 installs an M1-native Corona. If I'm running a r20 Team Render client via Rosetta2, is the render engine still running in M1 native mode and theoretically faster?

Nope. You have to have Cinema running Native to load the native version of Corona. SO R20 won't work. I just had to update to R25 purely for this :-). R25 is very nice though, and super fast.

As mentioned,

C4D processes that support M1 natively start from S24 and up, and that includes plugins.
That means that C4D R20 under Rosetta will mean that Corona will also run under Rosetta and therefore will not be sped up in any way.


Okay then. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm afraid to even look to see what C4D will cost if I want to upgrade now.

C4D R23 is M1 native too - is there a technical reason that the Corona plugin needs S24+ ? Cheers!


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