Author Topic: Field Grass 014 and Field Grass 013 causes bug  (Read 327 times)

2024-07-02, 20:27:19


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Hi folks,
when I add the Field Grass 014 and 013 from Cosmos library to the Corona scatter, it creates dark rectangles across the image. Please correct this.
Thank you

I figured out the problem. It was caused by adding HDRI with visible to REFLECTION, etc., as well as having CORONA SKY for GI.
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2024-07-03, 08:21:23
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Hi there,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Could you please provide the source of the HDRI you were using?
Additionally, screenshots or a sample file will be handy to understand the workflow when reproducing the issue.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Have an amazing day/evening.
Benjamin Rosas |
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2024-07-08, 13:45:07
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I used HDRI from the Cosmos library. The file name was Day_006_520b220a\520b220a_Day_006_7k_lin_srgb.exr.
I am unable to provide the file because it is for a commercial project and is quite big.
I've attached a screenshot of the lighting and reflection technique I utilized. The HDRI reflection that caused the issue has been deactivated.