Author Topic: corona clients on mac can't find license or "plugin"  (Read 315 times)

2021-11-16, 09:43:25


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Anyone here had success setting up a renderfarm with mac computers connected on a server?
The rendering computer have no problem ping and do the connection test and I tried to run the license server.
The client computer - even with the "CoronaActivation.txt" added, it still don't show the text saying that it has corona.
Error message when teamrendering - on the client computer: missing corona camera, sky.. etc plugin.

2021-11-16, 14:52:28
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What C4D version?
Did you restart all client machines after TR client installation?

I run 3 Mac clients connected on the same network to a server that runs the license server
with the “LicensingServerLogin.txt” inside the application folder on the machine that runs the lic server.
My main machine gets the license from the server too.
Out of habit, I install all plugins on the client machines, use the server mainly for texture storage.   
Where are your plugins installed? If on server, did you specify plugin search path on the client machines?