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Hi All Corona Users,

I just purchased GSG HDRI Link so I can use their HDRI Rig. Has anyone used it yet and do anyone have a custom layout with a "interactive" render window? Many thanks! Johnny S

[C4D] General Discussion / Texture size using PSDs...
« on: 2017-07-10, 23:53:55 »
Hi All!

I have a question regarding textures. I use a lot of PSD textures because of client amends moving text, logos etc. on artwork that is mapped onto panels, bottles and so on. In native C4D it seems to work flawless if you use PSD files with layers were you can shift bits around (20-100mb). With Corona, I have noticed a slow down. Am I better off using PNG, JPG, instead? Many thanks! John

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Licence is not valid any more
« on: 2017-06-06, 20:05:10 »
Hi All Corona Forum Users,

I am not 100% sure if this is a bug or not. Today I opened C4D and it has told me I do not have a valid licence. This happened on both my iMac & MacBook Pro. On my iMac I managed to copy and past the activation code then go to the Corona site to get it activated. However, on my MacBook Pro It only lets me select "buy licence". When I click an error comes up and every time I quit C4D it crashes with a Corona problem. I have included screen grabs. Any Idea? Many thanks! John

Hi Corona Team,

I am working on a outdoor bar scene and rendering out 1080x1920pix renders at 80 passes. I have set up 4 TAKES and set them to render but it crashes. They are rendering OK if I send them separately. I am using a MacBook Pro 17". Screen grabs and bug report included for you :-) John

[C4D] General Discussion / Copying and pasting objects
« on: 2017-05-22, 10:02:20 »
Hi Corona Forum,

I have a question. I have been working on a large wall bay with whiskey bottles on which I have applied layered materials to (glass then a label on). When I copy this group of bottles into another scene (which is saved in the same folder) I loose my layered materials and have to re-link them. Is there a special way to do this or will this be fixed in the future? Fantastic renderer by the way! Good work :-) Do you have any idea when you will be releasing the commercial version? Many thanks! John

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