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[C4D] I need help! / Rebusfarm Shared Shader Error!
« on: 2021-04-11, 14:32:30 »
Hi friends at Corona team,
I wish it's not a thread bumping, but I still get pluginshader error in Rebusfarm, I tried to save a copy of the scene without shared shaders (in Corona material node) and also tried loading all bitmaps one by one but I still get this error, some of the errors disappeared but I still get them. Any clue?

[C4D] I need help! / Wrong render output!
« on: 2021-04-10, 12:35:14 »
Hi friends!

Anyone having any idea why the rendered output is different than the IR? I mean at least the Interactive Lightmix Pass, it's darkened without denoising! Other passes look the same and chaotic.

Hi friends,
Is there any any correct detailed workaround / tutorial for rendering Animation using Corona in Cinema 4D? I cannot find any resources and seems people do it by experiment. The UHD stuff is very confusing... how many frames? how many passes?


Does anyone know why interactive render refreshes by even changing any parameter inside the interactive window? I mean changing the tone mapping & LightMix parameters refreshes the render. It's really hard or sort of impossible to work this way. Is there any workaround for it?

Hi all, I am still having problem of excessive noise with Corona when using HDRI, this problem has not still been solved? It's really destroying all the beauty of renders, I cannot in fact use HDRI with Corona, has anyone any idea about this?

I wanted to share this Cinema 4D / Corona scene for people who may find it useful. The post production file is not included, also the HDRI should be downloaded from the main website, it's replaced by jpeg file in the scene.

Is anyone experiencing overheating or CPU overwhelming in Cinema 4D while using Corona interactive rendering? Corona IR looks totally very unstable in my Cinema 4D. It mostly crashes, even while tweaking nodes in Corona Node Material Editor. I would be grateful if anyone can help. Thanks

Anyone experiencing this issue?
While using Corona IR in Cinema 4D, it uses only 30% of each core, resulting in a very slow render. Any thoughts?

Hi guys,
I would like to make my new custom PC. Corona Interactive Rendering is my main priority as I wanna see the result and play with lights of heavy scenes in real-time, I have patience for final render-time but not for IPR. This way, which one is better to go? A mid-range 3rd gen 3950x/3960x or a 2nd gen 2990WX, etc...?
I especially ask Jurai as he's expert in this subject but all are welcome and appreciated, I wish I can get his help as well. Thanks in advance.

After a lot of research, I've finally decided on assembling a Threadripper workstation. Honestly speaking I am doing it for the sake of Corona, as I'd like to see its attractive output in realtime.

So I would liked to know your final thoughts on full specs for a 2990wx and 2950x (2990wx, if the difference in performance is huge regarding this link):,5797-8.html

I will do OC on CPU (if it's good on AMD) and lots of GPU Rendering. So I need good case/cooling system as well, a good X399 for CPU OC & 4 GPU slots for rendering in future, also about GPU type: for example 2 1080ti or 4 980ti? (regarding vram as a necessity for FStorm as an example).
That would be great to hear from you. Thanks in advanced.

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