Author Topic: Large Animated Proxy file  (Read 295 times)

2024-05-14, 11:00:48


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Hi all

I've made a tank filling by using an animated slice, subdivide & animated noise.

It works fine for what I need it for.

It animates over 900 frames.

I've made an animated proxy and it's a 2.2gb file.

Are there any downsides to this or should I leave it as the original mesh version?


2024-05-14, 19:17:47
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This might not be as straightforward as one might think. On one hand proxies are designed to help with load/save times, but on the other hand, baking procedural animation to mesh may lead to negative effect - render times might increase due to need constantly read large amount of data. I think you need to do some testing and find which method will work better in your situation. As an alternative, maybe keeping animation procedural and referencing to it via xref would be the best option here?
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