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How to Attach Crumbs Realistically to a 3ds Max Displacement Map

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Hello, I'm working on a 3D scene in 3ds Max, and I've applied a displacement map to a cookie model to create a realistic surface. However, I'd like to attach small crumbs to the cookie's surface to make it look even more convincing. But the crumbs hardly sit on the cookie surface.

Any insights or advice on how to achieve this effect would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Chaos scatter?

Actually im open for any scattering method (object paint, chaos scatter, multi... etc) What i am trying to achieve is something just like the attached image.

Hmm, you could copy the cookie mesh, subdivide it to a nice highres version, apply the displacement map to a displace modifier with the same settings (min/max etc., make sure it uses the same map channel as the corona displaced cookie), and scatter the crumbs on that mesh. Then, make that highres cookie non-renderable, this could work.

Thank you... Lemme try.


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